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Green Durham Association has a formal agreement with the Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) to help keep the trails open on all properties in the East and West Duffins Headwaters Trails.


This includes having volunteers care for the trails in the Walker Woods, the Glen Major Forest, the Wilder Forest and Wildlife Preserve, as well as the Brock, the Secord and the Goodwood tracts. From time to time larger teams of volunteers will be organized to get bigger tasks accomplished. 


Some of the more common tasks would include clipping branches which have grown into the trails; picking up litter, sticks and branches; cutting back grass and weeds which grow over the trails; and cutting and removing the small trees and branches which often fall across the trails.

GDA has liability insurance to support this work. Volunteers working on behalf of GDA must:


  • Receive orientation from a GDA representative.

  • Sign the GDA Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk.

  • Carry a cellphone when out on the trails.

  • Follow “clipping and snipping” practices as demonstrated in the orientation session.

  • Power tools are to be used only by experienced personnel, never alone, and always with appropriate safety gear. Chainsaw operators must be certified.

  • Keep track of the hours you spend, the places you go, the things you do and report these to TRCA Local Liaison.

  • Report all problems such as areas heavily over-grown with branches, fallen trees, hanging trees, or any other issues which make the trails difficult to travel or unsafe.

If you are interested in participating, if you have ideas or even if you just want to know more about volunteering, please email us at


Boardwalk Rehabilitation Project

The big boardwalk project is a cooperative effort of several organizations – UHA is donating engineering expertise, heavy equipment and has donated $2000 towards the purchase of gravel. DMBA has donated another $1000 towards gravel and is donating their expertise and loan of specialized tools. TRCA has contributed special landscaping cloth and large disposal bins for the old boardwalk wood we haul out. GDA’s liability insurance will cover all of the volunteer work required, and GDA will make up the difference in any outstanding funding required to complete the job.


It would help to have a good number of you out for the bigger work days on the 17th and 24th.  


Please confirm if you are available to help by email to:  or phone: 905 649 1113


All work will begin at 3 Rocks Parking Lot, 1120 Concession 7, Uxbridge, just north of beautiful downtown Balsam.


  • Wednesday October 16th at 9 am:  A few volunteers are required to assist David Walker of UHA to get set up (remove fencing to permit the loader to transfer gravel back and forth, accept the first delivery of gravel, get the disposal bin set up, and secure the parking lot with safety cones and temporary fence)

  • Thursday October 17th at 1 pm: Volunteers are required to remove the south boardwalk, create the new trail at the north end of the old boardwalk, and spread gravel. DMBA will loan us their trail tools and provide expertise. Bring saws, chainsaws and appropriate safety gear those of you who have been trained recently, workgloves, rakes.

  • Tuesday October 22nd at 8:30 am: A couple of volunteers are required to assist David Walker deliver gravel and remove boardwalk pieces

  • Wednesday October 23rd at 8:30 am: A couple of volunteers are required to David Walker to deliver gravel and remove boardwalk pieces

  • Thursday October 24th at 1 pm: Volunteers are required to complete the new trail build at the north end, spread gravel as needed, and remove the North boardwalk. DMBA will loan us their trail tools and expertise once again. Bring saws, chainsaws those of you who are trained, workgloves, safety glasses, rakes 

  • Friday October 25th at 8:30 am: A couple of volunteers are required to assist David Walker to complete delivery of gravel and remove boardwalk

  • Monday October 28th at 8:30 am: Complete work, tidy parking lot, re-install fencing



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