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Green Durham Association has an agreement with the Toronto Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) to help keep the trails open in the East and West Duffins Headwaters – this includes Walker Woods, Glen Major Forest, Wilder Forest, Brock and Skyloft tracts, Dagmar, Secord and Goodwood properties.

We often work with other organizations which have similar agreements - Oak Ridges Trail Association and Durham Mountain Biking Association and with Uxbridge Horsemen’s Association.


You can volunteer in several ways:

  • When you are out enjoying the trails, get in touch with us if you see anything unsafe, such as fallen or overhanging trees

  • ( Our TRCA liaison can coordinate the best way to address the situation.

  • Carry small trimming tools with you and snip as you go. Let us know the places you go, the things you do, and the hours you spend – we keep track of these to help us when we apply for funding for equipment and materials.

  • Join us for organized events when they occur.


We generally work on projects from May to November.

We send out an email with a description of the task, the tools and skills which will be needed, and the time and place we’ll be meeting. We usually work on weekdays, when the trails have fewer visitors, and in small groups. The projects are determined by a committee which includes representatives of TRCA, ORTA, DMBA, GDA and others.

GDA has liability insurance to support this work. Volunteers working on behalf of GDA must receive orientation from a GDA representative, and sign the GDA Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk. Carry a cellphone when out on the trails and follow our “clipping and snipping” practices. Power tools are to be used only by experienced personnel, never alone, and always with appropriate safety gear. Chainsaw operators must be certified.

If you are interested in participating, if you have ideas or even if you just want to know more about volunteering, please email us at


Some of our 2020 Projects


  • A clean-up of the Trans Canada Trail

  • A blitz of the parking lots and trail entrances including trimming and clean-up

  • Removal of a damaged, unsafe boardwalk in Glen Major Forest

  • Construction of a new trail to bypass the old boardwalk.

  • Transport of the old boardwalk pieces out of the forest to be re-used on the Secord property

  • Closure of a damaged, eroding part of the trail system in Glen Major and Walker Woods.

  • Construction of a new trail in the same area so trail users can continue to connect with other parts of the trail system

  • Mowing of some parts of the trail system.

  • Construction of benches to be placed throughout the forest

  • Removal of fallen trees blocking the trails as we receive reports which often fall across the trails

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