Map Project


A unique concentration of public lands and walking trails lies north east of Toronto. These trails, which travel through forests and across gurgling streams, stretch across the gentle rolling hills in the southern part of Uxbridge Township and northwards into the town of Uxbridge, “Trail Capital of Canada”. Soon this trail network will connect with the new Rouge National Urban Park and will also be accessible by public transit. Already many walkers, hikers, cross-country skiers and snowshoers travel from far and wide to enjoy this natural area.

But information about the trails – how to get to them and how to avoid getting lost – is not easy to come by. Several different organizations manage the lands and trails, each with separate and incomplete map systems of varying quality. For some areas, maps do not even exist.

Green Durham Association plans to develop a set of comprehensive trail maps to help people find their way to these beautiful trails. GDA has commissioned a local recreational map-making company to create high quality waterproof maps which will provide detailed “in the field” trail guides for users.

Our goal is to highlight the trail system and provide essential information to assist  new users feel confident about exploring this beautiful area. The maps will be developed in stage, as funds are donated towards this initiative. Sales of the maps will help generate funds to continue this project. Maps will be sold at local businesses and at regional and national outdoor stores. The publication of the first map should be available in the first quarter of 2017.

Please donate and help us make this ambitious project a reality! 


We invite you to donate funds to this project.