Green Durham Association - Image of Brock tract of land.

The lands we are focused on protecting lie on the northeastern fringe of one of the most densely populated areas in North America. These lands clean, filter and protect our water, our air, grow our food, and increasingly provide respite from stress of living busy urban lives. Our goal is to protect these lands for future generations.

We support policies and land planning which favour compact urban growth, preserve farmland and natural heritage sites, and which consider and limit harmful impacts on these environments. Our focus is primarily on Uxbridge, north Pickering and adjacent Greenbelt lands, and on issues at  the provincial, regional and municipal levels which may have implications for these lands.

Our voice is a respected, non-partisan contribution to public policy and land use discussions. We regularly submit comments during policy reviews, proposed legislation, land use and development proposals regarding proposals which could have implications for our vision of smart land planning, stewardship and conservation.

Land Use Map – TRCA

Green Durham Association - Image of Land Use Map courtesy of TRCA.
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  • Protecting greenspace and natural trails for future generations.
  • We are a respected non-partisan voice on public policy.
  • We continue to monitor and target key areas for protection from urban sprawl.