Trail Visions

Green Durham Association - Image of two people walking on a trail in the fall. Photo by Catherine Holden

GDA Vision Map

Image of Green Durham Association's Vision Map, October 2022

Alongside our work to protect, preserve and conserve land, we’ve developed a vision of trails so that people can enjoy nature close to where they live. A vision of a large trail network was initiated in 2000 by a group of like-minded citizens (including members of GDA) and representatives of Uxbridge Township. The group called itself Uxbridge Naturally. This is the vision GDA has been advancing ever since. 

Our goal is to add to existing conservation lands and to connect these lands and trails to each other and to communities. We strive to reinforce the paths of the two major trails systems that traverse the township (the Trans Canada and Oak Ridge Trails) and create a connected trail network within the town of Uxbridge and onward east to Scugog, west to York Region, south to Pickering, and southwest through the Rouge National Urban Park all the way to Toronto.

We partner with organizations, businesses, foundations and landowners to facilitate the acquisition of key linkages, easements and land connections. We continue to work on connections which will improve safety for trail users by taking them off roads, provide connections to local communities and encourage trail users to visit local businesses such as restaurants, accommodation, and amenities.

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  • We have been working to develop trail networks and linkages for over 20 years.
  • We strive to connect communities to nearby nature.
  • Through GDA initiatives, millions of dollars worth of land have been donated to the local trail system.