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Green Durham Association - Snowshoeing in a reclaimed aggregate pit.

In 1999 GDA members provided substantial financial support to TRCA to acquire and rehabilitate an abandoned 96-acre aggregate pit. Other partners in the purchase and subsequent development efforts included the John and Pat McCutcheon Foundation, Charles Sauriol Environmental Land Trust and Ontario Aggregate Resources Corporation. This land at the southwest corner of the Glen Major Forest is now a key access point to the trail system with a large parking lot, trail signage, and a beautiful walk around its perimeter.

The Trails of Uxbridge Township

Green Durham Association - Image of Township of Uxbridge, area of rehabilitated aggregate pit, now green space. Image credit - Township of Uxbridge.
GDA partnered with the John and Pat McCutcheon Foundation to do an extensive survey of the state of the pits in Uxbridge Township. We then partnered with Ontario Nature to obtain a grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to explore more holistic ways for pits to operate and be rehabilitated so as to protect water resources and respect the natural heritage systems.

Here is the report that resulted from this investigative study:

Green Durham Association - Image of The Tree - Photo by Catherine Holden


Green Durham Association - Image of two people walking on a trail in the fall. Photo by Catherine Holden

Trail Visions

Green Durham Association - Image of Fly Agaric - Amanita muscaria - mushrooms. - Photo by Catherine Holden


Green Durham Association - Image of Brock tract of land.

Protection / Perservation