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Green Durham Association - Image of the importation of fill - Photo by Ian McLaurin

Recently an application was put forward to re-zone an existing aggregate pit located south of the town of Uxbridge and add existing industrial activities to their license which would change and extend the operational life of the pit activities. The pit is situated close to trail areas and thus could have a negative effect on the surrounding nature, community and trails networks. GDA has submitted comments as part of the public commenting process to the Township of Uxbridge and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

In 2020 GDA hosted a public information evening regarding importation of fill and impacts of aggregate extraction on water tables. We sponsored two expert speakers on the topic. The evening was well attended by the public and by municipal officials/staff and provided a neutral forum to learn about and discuss concerns about these topics.

In 2021 we funded legal research to better understand the proposal to re-zone and re-purpose this aggregate pit which is near the end of its useful life. We shared this information with Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and with Uxbridge Township.

We continue to actively monitor this situation.

Green Durham Association - Image of The Tree - Photo by Catherine Holden


Green Durham Association - Image of two people walking on a trail in the fall. Photo by Catherine Holden

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Green Durham Association - Image of Fly Agaric - Amanita muscaria - mushrooms. - Photo by Catherine Holden


Green Durham Association - Image of Brock tract of land.

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