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Green Durham Association - Image of a Map of Federal Lands - Proposed Airport Landings - Transport Canada

Proposed Airport Flight Landing Routes (Blue)

Removing land from agricultural use so it can be paved over for airport runways has huge ramifications beyond the airport lands themselves. Additionally, the lands adjacent to the airport will likely be converted for commercial development and services to support the airport. And the influence of this development will expand further than the pavement, as the airways over landing strips and flight paths pollute the air with noise and physical pollution thus putting at risk critical human and wildlife habitat. The noise pollution from air traffic will definitely impact the enjoyment of the recreational lands within the range of the flight path landing zones (shown in blue on the map).

From time to time the idea of building an airport becomes popular again and makes headlines. Other international airports operating within the GTA are not operating any where near full capacity. There are commissioned studies supporting the position that the GTA does not require an additional airport for many years to come. To date we have not seen a business case which shows there is a need for another airport.

With the help of our partner organization Land Over Landings, we monitor the situation and offer comments whenever possible.

Response to KPMG Aviation Analysis

Image of Green Durham Associations Response to KPMG Aviation Analysis of Need for Pickering.
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