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About 1300 acres situated between the Town of Uxbridge and the extensive trail network south of Region Rd. #21 are owned by the Province of Ontario. These lands were acquired in 2003 as part of a land swap to settle a land dispute that arose when the Oak Ridges Moraine Act came into being. These lands have been sitting untended and essentially unmanaged since that time. We’d like to see them managed for wildlife habitat and conservation and where appropriate, create publicly accessible trails.

In 2020, in partnership with the Township of Uxbridge we initiated a campaign to encourage the Province of Ontario to transfer ownership and/or management of these lands to the Township of Uxbridge. We continue to move the ball forward with this initiative and if successful, we will initiate a plan to enhance the natural heritage on these lands. The land connection between the Town and the trail network to the south would help support the Town and its businesses, as well as businesses adjacent to the trail route, while also attracting economic and tourism benefits. We’ve been working steadily on this initiative for many years. We hope this effort is successful in finally establishing this important connection from the town of Uxbridge to the trails to the 300+ trail network to the south and on to the Rouge National Park.

Provincial Lands on GDA’s Wish List

Green Durham Association - Image of map of provincial lands on the GDA wish list.
Green Durham Association - Image of The Tree - Photo by Catherine Holden


Green Durham Association - Image of two people walking on a trail in the fall. Photo by Catherine Holden

Trail Visions

Green Durham Association - Image of Fly Agaric - Amanita muscaria - mushrooms. - Photo by Catherine Holden


Green Durham Association - Image of Brock tract of land.

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