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Green Durham Association - Image of trail maintenance dog walker.

We assist TRCA with trail maintenance on the 200+ km. of trails in the East and West Duffins Headwaters properties. Since 2007 we have supported the TRCA with approximately $15,000 yearly towards the cost of routine trail maintenance such as mowing. Until 2021 we partnered with the TRCA to maintain a local presence, sharing in the cost of a local liaison position; TRCA has now discontinued this position. We also partner in applications for grants and contribute funding to projects which improve the trails, the trail experience, and access to the trails. We sit on a TRCA advisory committee for these properties with our partners DMBA, ORTA, North Durham Nature and Uxbridge Horseman’s Association where trail maintenance and projects are planned. Together we are able to maintain the large properties to a higher standard than the TRCA could manage alone.


Since 2007 GDA has contributed over $225,000 in basic funding to support trail maintenance efforts on the East and West Duffins Headwaters properties.  We have contributed far more when special projects such as parking lot construction costs, signage costs, materials such as lumber and gravel, and donations of land are considered.