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Image of GDa's Trail Post Map.

Many of the trails have navigation posts which have maps and numbers, so trail users always know where they are standing even if they do not have a cell phone or cell coverage. The tops of the posts slope to the north to further aid in navigation.  GDA collaborates with the Toronto Regional Conservation Authority (TRCA) on the trail signage of the TRCA lands called the East and West Duffins Headwaters area. GDA assists financially with the production of maps at Kiosks and on Posts. GDA volunteers assist with installing and replacing maps and posts as needed.

Poetry Loop

In 2020 we created a poetry loop for trail users to follow – a project which was designed to be a small distraction from the Pandemic. The 8km loop begins at Allbright Road parking lot at 2989 Concession 6, Uxbridge. Trail users can follow this loop reading in sequence the 15 stanzas of The Cremation of Sam McGee (Robert Service); each stanza is located on a different numbered post.