In 2011 Green Door Alliance and the Durham Conservation Associations were consolidated and renamed Green Durham Association to reflect the history and contributions of the two organizations. Newsletters and publications found on this website provide details on significant past activities and accomplishments of both these organizations, therefore material published prior to the amalgamation will not be changed to reflect the amalgamated Green Durham Association entity.  


April 9 :              2019 Spring Newsletter 

January 20:       GDA's Submission to Bill 66: Restoring Ontario's Competitiveness Act 


November 15:   2018 Fall Newsletter

March 13:         2018 Spring Newsletter



December 1:    2017 Fall Newsletter 

November 29:  Comments on Uxbridge Township's Parks Master Plan

March 28:         2017 Spring Newsletter


December 13:  2016 Newsletter

December 7:    Submission to the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development regarding the Federal Lands

July 27:            Uxbridge Times Journal article on GDA's map project

January 26:      Submission to Dr. Gary Polonsky: GDA position on development of Federal Land




October 19:      GDA's comments to the Province of Ontario' review of the Conservation Authority Act 

July 13:            GDA response to Federal Government's transfer of 5,200 acres of Federal Lands to Rouge Park

May 27:            Growth, Greenbelt, Moraine and Niagara Escarpment Plan Review Submission  

April:                 Letter to Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council: Proposed Amendment to Responsible Aerodrome Development





November:       Assessment of rationale for GA airport on Pickering lands

October:           Federal Lands Update

August:             Submission to Transport Canada

TBC:                 Regan Pit Rehabilitation

TBC:                 Update on TRCA Land Holdings

May:                 Newsletter

January:           Pickering - Federal Land Motion





July:                 Submission to Transport Canada

June:                Thoughts on the June 11, 2013 announcement and effect on the GDA video





August:             A Prospectus for Management of Federal Lands at Pickering GD Arev.

April:                 Proposed Central Pickering Development Plan





July:                  Pickering Airport Announcement

June:                City of Pickering Lifetime Achievement Award Nominee

Unknown:         Dissertation re Federal Lands





June:                Letter to The Hon. Jim Bradley, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

June:                Plan Amendment 128, the Province's Draft Decision and the Region's Response





July:               Review of the Case for and against the Pickering Airport

June:              Newsletter 

June:              Remarks to Regional Council

May:               Response to May 19, 2009 Official Plan Amendment No. 128





Unknown:       Comments on Growing Durham, Direction and Incorporation into Official Plan

June:              Response to June 13, 2008 Growing Durham Working Paper

May:               Newsletter






February:       Newsletter

March:           Airport Presentation to Regional Council






May:              Newsletter





December:     Presentation to Standing Committee on Bill 16

December:     Agriculture Preserve Easements Enforced

December:     Presentation to Standing Committee on Bill 16

June:              Response to Mayor Ryan's comments on GDA document

June:              Newsletter

June:              Uxbridge Master Trails and Conservation Plan

April:               Letter to Durham Region Planning Committee

March:            Letter to Hon. John Gerretsen




December:     Newsletter

December:     Greenbelt Draft Plan Response

October:         Letter to the Planning and Development Department

September:    Letter to the Ministry of Public Infrastructure Renewal

September:    Places to Grow: A Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe,  Response and Comments

August:          Comments on Provincial Plan Reform

July:               Letter and Submission to the Greenbelt Task Force

June:              Newsletter

June:              Address to Pickering Council - Comments on the Pickering Developers, Growth Management Study

June:              Address to Pickering Council - Growth Management Structure Plan - Comments

May:               A Vision for the Agriculture Preserve

April:               Pickering's Agricultural Preserve Easements: A Political History and Commentary

April:               GDA Comments on Phase 2 Preferred Growth Management Concept and Structure Plan

January          Response to Durham Official Plan Review Discussion Papers





December:     Newsletter

December:     Kyoto and Sprawl: Building Cities that Work, Summary of Conference Workshop Recommendations

November:     Pickering Growth Management Study, Background Information on Seaton and the Agricultural Preserve

July:               Whitevale Community Association Report on Growth Management Study

July:               GDA submission on Growth Management Study

June:              Newsletter





October:         Provincial Policy Statement Review - Cover Letter and Comments

August:           Smart Growth - Sprawl

June:              SmartGrowth - Thoughts and Recommendations and Appendix





Spring:           The Green Door Plan - Season's Supplement

November:     A Conceptual Plan for Land Use Designation and Management of the Federal and Provincial Public Lands (abridged)