Green Durham Association - Image of a beautiful trail. Photo by Roy Robinson.

We work with a multitude of partners to plan, fund and build anything which makes it easier, safer and more enjoyable for people to get outside, enjoy nature and use the trails — parking lots at trailheads, stepovers, navigation posts, boardwalks, improved trail surfaces, signage, trail repairs and re-routes.

The south part of Uxbridge Township has a network of over 300 kms of trails. With mixed deciduous and coniferous forests, meadows, and streams, these lands remain wild even though they are close to major urban centres and some parts are accessible using public transit. This area is special. These lands provide clean air, protect drinking water sources, contribute to climate resilience and are a nearby wilderness for the heavily populated communities which lie along the shores of Lake Ontario. The Oak Ridges Trail and the Trans Canada Trail travel through this area. The Rouge National Urban Park will soon be fully open, adding more trails and facilities to this magnificent area and making it possible to walk or ride from Toronto to Uxbridge and beyond.

Many of the trails have a navigation posts which have maps and numbers, so trail users always know where they are standing, even if they do not have a cell phone or cell coverage. The tops of the posts slope to the north to further aid in trail navigation.

This dense network of trails is popular with hikers, birdwatchers, mountain bikers, horseback riders, cross country skiers and snowshoers. Motorized vehicles are prohibited on these trails.

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  • GDA has contributed over $225,000 in funding to support trail maintenance since 2007.
  • We have been very hands on and actively involved in recognizing and implementing enhancements which improve public access and confidence in using the trails – parking lots, stepovers, signage, maps.
  • GDA volunteers put in hundreds of hours maintaining and improving the trails each year.